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Apr, 2013

Announcing the WPLL Partriot Program

Announcing the WPLL Partriot Program

Many of us have friends, family and acquaintances who are military personnel. We have created a way to reach out to them and let them know that we, here at WPLL, are thinking of them.

As a supplement to our usual sponsorship program, we now are providing the community a means to visibly show their support by getting the names of these Patriots onto our T-ball and Boy’s and Girl’s rookies T-shirts and the billboards we place around our complex.

Just as important we wanted to introduce the West Point children to qualities of volunteerism and community involvement. The teams of players being sponsored by the military families and supporters will reach out to those active duty military personnel by sending a team picture along with a care package, pictures, cards and letters from the kids on the team to the service person. Instead of just getting money, we will give something back. This is something that really could boost someone’s morale when away from home in harm’s way.

For those of you who simply would like to donate to this worthy cause but don’t have a service person in mind, all general donations earmarked for the Patriot Program will be pooled. When we get enough for a T-Shirt order or a billboard we will find a local service person from the local recruiter’s office and take it from there. Simply mark on the sponsor form it is a general donation.

We also would appreciate general donations or donations earmarked to help pay our shipping of the care packages.

Local Sponsors

West Point Little League

Complex Location: 100 Volunteer Drive, Mailing Address: WPLL PO Box 1106
Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601

Email: [email protected]